Blockchain Made Easy: Part 4

Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain Technology is used widely in the different sectors as given in the following table.




  • Billing, monitoring and data transfer
  • Quota management in the Supply Chain Network

Government Sector

  • Transactional personalized governance services
  • Voting, propositions P2P bond
  • Digitization of documents/ contracts and proof of ownership for transfers
  • Registry & Identify
  • Tele-attorney service
  • IP registration and exchange
  • Tax receipts Notary service and document registry


  • Agricultural & drone sensor networks
  • Smart home networks
  • Integrated Smartcity.
  • Smart home sensors
  • Self-driving car
  • Personalized robots, robotic component
  • Personalized drones
  • Digital Assistants


  • Data management
  • Universal EMR Health databanks
  • QS Data Commons
  • Big health data stream analytics
  • Digital health wallet Smart property
  • Health Token
  • Personal development contracts

Science & Art

  • Supercomputing
  • Crowd analysis
  • P2P resources
  • Digital mind fit services

Finance & Accounting

  • Digital Currency Payment
  • Payments & Remittance
  • Decartelized Capital markets using a network of the computer on the Blockchain
  • Inter-divisional accounting
  • Clearing & Trading & Derivatives
  • Bookkeeping

Important Real-Life Use Cases of Blockchain

1.Dubai: The Smart City

In the year 2016, smart Dubai office introduced Blockchain strategy. Using this technology entrepreneurs and developers will be able to connect with investors and leading companies. The objective is to implement a blockchain based system which favors the development of various kinds of industries to make Dubai the ‘happiest city’ in the world.

  1. Incent Customer retention

Incent is CRaaS (Consumer retention as a service) based on the Blockchain technology. It is a loyalty program which is based on generating token for business affiliated with its related network. In this system, blockchain exchanges instantaneously, and it can be stored in digital portfolios of a user’s phone or accessing through the browser.

  1. Blockchain for Humanitarian Aid

In January 2017, the United Nations world food program started a project called humanitarian aid. The project was developed in rural areas of the Sindh region of Pakistan. By using the Blockchain technology, beneficiaries received money & food and all types of transactions were registered on a blockchain to ensure security and transparency of this process.

Next week, we will be examining the most popular application of blockchain. Stay tuned!

Written By: Ben 

Edited By: Mosun

 Graphics By: Jacobite 

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A community building project to educate African youths about the possibilities of blockchain technology powered by the Telos network.

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