How to create a Telos Wallet

Hello everyone. Last week we explained what the blockchain is as well as how blockchain transactions work. We also promised to examine the available versions of the blockchain and their variants and we will make good on that promise. We have however been bombarded with questions about Telos wallet creation and will, therefore, be addressing that in this post. 

This simple tutorial is for anyone who is yet to create a Telos wallet and has no username. Before we get to the wallet creation though, it is cogent to answer the question, “What is Telos?” Telos is a networked ecosystem and a powerful EOSIO infrastructure enabling visionary leaders and communities to work together to build a new global economy; a platform where purpose meets people. Below are three easy ways to create your wallet;

1) Telos Network 

  • Go to
  •  Click on “create”
  •  Add your preferred username (12 characters e.g “thisisatest1”) 
  •  Add your number.
  •  Confirm phone number & your account is created.
  •  Save your wallet keys. 

Congratulations! You are done.

2) Coolx wallet 

  •  Search and download Coolx wallet (IOs/Apk).
  •  Click on “create” 
  •  Add your preferred username (12 characters e.g “thisisatest1”) 
  •  Save your private key
  •  Create wallet

Congratulations! You are done.

3) Telegram Bot

  • Log into telegram 
  • Search for 
  • Click / Start  & follow the instructions
  • Add your preferred username (12 characters e.g “thisisatest1”) 
  • Save your wallet keys
  • Create wallet

Congratulations! You are done.

We hope this helps clarify all your pending account creation issues. If after going through this and following the steps, you still find it difficult to create a Telos wallet username, please contact any of the Telos4Africa administrators for assistance. Stay tuned till next week. Cheers!

Written By: Mosun | Graphics By: DEE-Y

About the author

A community building project to educate African youths about the possibilities of blockchain technology powered by the Telos network.

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