Hi guys! I’m Bookoons and I’d be walking you through the process of converting your Tlos coin (a digital currency) to fiat and also show you how it can be withdrawn into your bank account (currently enabled in Ghana & Nigeria).

Sesacash lets you transfer digital and traditional currencies around Africa. It makes it effortless for Africans anywhere in Africa to send and receive payments for free or store your money in a stable currency and safeguard yourself against inflation.

As I mentioned earlier, this process is pretty easy & fast, so, let’s begin.

  1. Sign up/sign in: Create a sesacash account on (if you don’t have one). You should know that the email address with which you signed up also doubles as your Sesacash username, cool right?

  1. Deposit; Once you log in, you get automatically redirected to your wallet page, this shows you what you have and also the list of currencies you have selected.

  • Input the amount you want to convert, select the currency you are converting to and wait while the app calculates how much that’d give you in your currency.

  • If you are satisfied, proceed to deposit.

It reflects in your wallet immediately (or in a case when server is down, within 30 minutes) & you are automatically redirected there.

  1. Withdrawal;
  • input bank account name or that of the person you are sending to,
  • select bank on the drop down,
  • input bank account number
  • Click withdrawal.

  • Tada! You’ll receive an alert shortly.

The customer care of Sesacash works 247, if you encounter any challenge using the app, kindly contact Bookoons or another other member of the Sesacash team on Telegram;

P.S: This works for all digital currencies listed on Sesacash.

I hope you find this helpful.

Written By: Bookoons
About the author

A community building project to educate African youths about the possibilities of blockchain technology powered by the Telos network.

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