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Telos4Africa Charity Report – New Year Resolution and

It was heart-rendering and emotional to hear the copious words of gratitude from the orphanage management. It made all the expenses, logistics and planning efforts really worth it to know...

The Telos4Africa Meme Contest

Your meme can be related to cryptocurrency or general life. Creativity is paramount. Go to the Telos4Africa Twitter handle and check for daily meme images for contest..

The Telos4africa charity event Dec 21st

As stated at the starting of this article, the Charity program is the next program just after the Meetup, and we the Telos4Africa team members are already prepared to carry...

Telos4africa Weekly Update #2

Telos Blockchain And The Telos Africa Meetup The Telos Blockchain meetup As discussed in our previous Telos4Africa blog post weekly updates, one of the core features of the Blockchain technology is...

Telos4africa Weekly Update #1

The main aim of the article is to introduce to you Telos4Africa; An initiative of a community of people teaching Africans about Blockchain and how to leverage both it and...
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