Telos Africa Blockchain Meetup (Full Event Report)

Telos Blockchain meetup
The Telos Africa Meetup Short snippet

The Telos4Africa meet-up in Nigeria was concluded successfully on the 14th of December, 2019. The team comprising of Destiny Marshall (Team Lead), David Ben (Project Manager), Austin Jacobite (Brand Manager), Sweez Mayor (Media & Communications Manager), Bookoons (Community Manager) and Mosun Omotunde (Charity Project Manager), set out to host the event in Lagos at the Vantage Hub, Mosesola House, 103 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria and we did exactly as we proposed. 

The program kicked off at 12 noon and ended at 5 pm accompanied with lots of exciting moments and activities.

TonyTalks Holding it down

We had TonyTalks, the renowned Master of Ceremonies as our compère, and he kept the audience alert, lively and happy with ice-breakers, jokes and game varieties at appropriate intervals.

It was 5 hours of unparalleled excellence starting from the opening remarks delivered by Austin Jacobite (The Telos4Africa Brand Manager), to the keynote delivery of the Telos Whitepaper by Douglas Horn (Telos Launch Team) who remotely was present and spoke through zoom calls. 

Douglas Horn  (Telos Launch team)

He spoke about the Telos scalability and reasons to why developers needs to come onboard to the Telos blockchain. He further spoke about the Telos ecosystem and the Telos working proposal system which name has Transitioned to “Telos works”. He later spoke about the need for speed and transfer of values, but before going offline, he gave us a quick remake about the use cases of Telos and to how values can be transferred in approximately 0.7 seconds.  


Then the mic was handed to Destiny Marshall (Team Lead for the Telos4africa Initiative) who walked us through the history of Telos dated back to the time of bitcoin to the Telos adoption in general and to why Telos blockchain should be embraced by visionaries who seek to build a better world with their ideas. 

 After Destiny Marshall, Telos4Africa (Team lead) concluded his amazing presentations. Blaise B. Bayuo of Sesacash was out on a zoom call to explain as regards to why Sesacash was built on the Telos Blockchain and it’s advantages as a Defi.

Panelist Section

The discussion was capped off by the extremely engaging and insightful panel session which was moderated by David Ben, the Telos4Africa Project Manager. The session was centered on what it means to be successful on the blockchain and how much impact the blockchain can have on the life of the average African youth. With the likes of Joshua Segun (Blockchain Developer at  Sterling Bank), Lucky Nwanekwu (Community Lead, Business Day Media), Agbona Igwemoh (African Ambassador, Beam Network) and Samuel Joseph (EosNation Ambassador), the discussion was honest, straightforward and down to earth, with each panellist sharing his unique views and perspectives in the simplest of terms.

Games And Giveaways

They were lots of giveaways which ranges from Android phones, hoodies, TLOS and T-shirts.  The first giveaway was a game anchored by the master’s of game and David Ben (Unscramble the sticker) with the winners going home with hoodies. 

And then we have Mavis and Ikenna the lucky winners of our Android phones. We later distributed the Telos4africa t-shirts to the first 30 members and TLOS to one lucky winner and also gave out hoodies to participants who answered questions and to those that were active. 

General Over view

The event ended on the best note possible with delicious refreshments for every attendee and a fun-filled photo session. As a matter of fact, one could say we under-promised and over-delivered. We expected an estimated foot traffic of about 60 people but we eventually got over 80 attendees. In fact, the conference hall was so fully packed that we had to provide an impromptu ‘overflow’ section for our guests. The turnout was heartwarming and extremely encouraging. The caliber of people who showed and the kind of questions they asked portrayed a hunger for knowledge and value as well as a readiness for blockchain adoption. The atmosphere was electrifying, the information shared was delivered in a very orderly and timely manner and at the right pace; brisk & upbeat enough for the blockchain experts/enthusiasts and informal enough for the blockchain newbies.

After several presentations from our speakers and panels, then it was time for refreshments and networking. You can see the excitement on their faces as they make new friends and pitch ideas

I have never seen an audience so engrossed in a discussion from start to finish like those we were privileged to host at the event! I would say that our strongest point was the fact that we were able to convey the message of promoting creativity on the Telos blockchain. The undeniable evidence of this is in the sheer number of proposals we have been receiving since the event, for the creation of dApps, music, videos, articles and much more, all of which are currently being reviewed and scrutinized by the team. All of the above are pointers to the fact that the next meet-up would be a bigger, more in-depth and elaborate gathering. We do not intend to rest on our oars and would continue to push on without losing momentum to provide such invaluable avenues for people to learn and partake in the limitless possibilities available on the Telos blockchain.

Telos Africa Photo speak

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Whats Next?

The Telos Africa Charity

More about the charity outings , Blog posts coming soon

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