Telos exploring the diversity of the blockchain.

According to cointelegraph, The most basic definition of blockchain is a shared, digitized ledger that cannot be changed once a transaction has been recorded and verified.

All parties to the transaction, as well as a significant number of 3rd parties maintain a copy of the ledger (i.e. the blockchain), which means it would be practically impossible to amend every copy of the ledger globally to fake a transaction.

Bitcoin’s success has triggered the establishment of nearly 1000 new cryptocurrencies, leading to the delusion that the only application of blockchain technology is for the creation of cryptocurrency.

However, the blockchain technology is capable of a lot more than just cryptocurrency creation and may support such things as transactions that require personal identification, peer review, elections and other types of democratic decision-making and audit trails.

Here at Telos, we have been able to build structures that clearly encourage the diversity of the blockchain. The use of the DLT to create blooming communities which offer global support to the Foundation is one key success story today.

Hello, Telos leverages blockchain technology to give many people a chance at living to the fullest.

The idea of putting together a global community, all driven by contribution via an active and well executed WPS initiative, has gone to help raise the Telos blockchain to become one of the very swift blockchains in the EOSIO protocol in terms of TPS.

Telos has continued to show its commitment to the community by partnering with sister projects and also by making review options open to its vast network of users around the globe.

Users of the Lynx wallet now have the opportunity to suggest what kinds of Telos apps they would love to be integrated to the wallet platform. This shows that Telos not only built communities, but also advocates for platforms that have taken a huge step to build on the Telos blockchain.

In times of global pandemics such as the Covid-19 menace, Telos is showing global support by empowering her local communities around the globe to show love and support in the best ways possible within their immediate environment.

Read more about the Telos Ecosystem as put together by Telos Feed one of the trail blazing Telos projects creating massive awareness around the globe.

Written By: Ben

Edited By: Mosun

Graphics By: Jacobite

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A community building project to educate African youths about the possibilities of blockchain technology powered by the Telos network.

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