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One of the major components of the Telos4Africa vision, apart from empowering subjugated and redundant African youths via the Telos blockchain, is to give necessary aid to orphanages and motherless babies’ homes from time to time. We strongly believe that there is love in sharing; what better season to show some love than Christmas? The Telos4Africa team, comprising of Destiny Marshall (Team Lead), Mosun Omotunde (Charity Project Manager), Austin Jacobite (Brand Manager), Bookoons (Community Manager), Sweez Mayor (Media & Communications Manager), Steven Moses (Community member), Emeka Segun (Community member) and Gracehills (Community member), in partnership with the MakeAChildSmile team, visited the “Covenant Children’s Home” at General Gas Estate, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria on Saturday 21st December to celebrate with the orphans and shower them with love.

Watch some video footage of the event

Telos4Africa provided the funds powered by the Telos working proposal and the Telos community support for the items presented to the orphanage while the MakeAChildSmile team of doctors and medical students, provided the technical know-how and educated the children about their physical health and oral hygiene. Gifts and food items presented to the orphanage included 1 bag of rice, 1 bag of garri, 1 carton of margarine, 3 cartons of Caprisone juice, 3 cartons of biscuits, 2 bundles of toilet paper, sanitary pads and diapers, packs of detergent, 1 carton of bath soap, 1 carton of toothbrushes, 1 carton of spaghetti, 3 cartons of Indomie noodles, a lovely cake and a Christmas tree complete with Christmas decorations and lights. The smiles of joy and the chorused thank you from the kids were priceless!

Children clapping during praising

We had a robust, educational and fun-filled program of events that kicked off with the welcome address by Dr. Seun Oni, the MakeAChildSmile Team lead who is a general medical practitioner. She urged the children to listen with open hearts and to be ready to participate actively in all the games and learning processes prepared specially for them. Dr. Bisola, also a general medical practitioner, supervised the opening prayer taken by one of the older orphans. She also coordinated the “Introduce Yourself” session, making it interesting and interactive by asking everyone to indicate what they were or what they wanted to become in the future. Dr. Bisola had the children laughing and clapping in no time with her jokes and ice-breakers.

Next was an extensive lecture on “Oral health” given by Dr. Egbewole, a dentist. The session turned out to be an eye-opener even for the adults present as evidenced by the various questions asked. She demonstrated how to brush properly using a toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. She also shared the dangers of fluoroscopic from swallowing too much fluoride, the need to brush twice daily and the need to change toothbrushes every three months or as soon as bristles become flayed. She engaged everyone so completely that we didn’t even notice the passage of time. The last lecture on “Proper Hand Washing” was given by Aminat Ogunfolaju, a medical student at the University of Ibadan College of Medicine.


She came prepared with several visual aids i.e printed pictures depicting the steps involved in proper hand sanitation as well as a liquid handwash, a washbowl, and a bucket of water. The kids had a great time reproducing the right steps amidst a lot of laughter and playful teasing. The lessons were wrapped up by a goodwill message from the Telos4Africa team, delivered by Mosun Omotunde, the Telos4Africa Charity Initiative team lead. She encouraged the orphans never to quit dreaming big dreams and to always remain teachable and adaptable. She gave the vote of thanks as well, appreciating all members of both the Telos4Africa and MakeAChildSmile teams for contributing their precious time and effort to support the project and make it a success. She also thanked the orphanage management team for taking such good care of the children and allowing such free access to truly make a difference for them in this season.

Team Telos Africa
Team Telos and make a child smile team

The program gradually wound up to a lovely end with the setting up and decoration of the Christmas tree by the kids, the cutting of the Christmas cake and finally the photo session. The event began at 10.30 am and ended at 12.30 pm. Those were indeed two hours well spent for everyone present. It was heart-rendering and emotional to hear the copious words of gratitude from the orphanage management. It made all the expenses, logistics and planning efforts really worth it to know that the Telos4Africa team was able to make such a tangible positive impact on so many lives with the help and support of the Telos blockchain community.

Follow this link for more images about the visit

The Telos4Africa New Year Resolution

Our goal is total decentralization using Telos to accomplish this.

With us already in the new year (2020) looking to another decade, our aim is to see that the Telos Technology is spread across different continent and adopted when it comes to the best blockchain and scalability with best governance .
Our mission as we have choosen and accepted it is to bring Telos to Africa starting from Nigeria to other west Africa.
With the support of the Telos communty , we believe we can accomplish this great mission set aside by the telos fate and increase usability and adoption of the Telos chain in the African community while using the Telos tech as a force for good orchestrated by the Telos4africa Team.


Telos Africa weekly initiative winners

This week in Telos4Africa activities, A contest to promote the upcoming event was held from Monday till Friday and below is a list of the winners. Congratulations to every one of you.

Top 3 Articles – 200 TLOS

Top 3 graphics – 150 TLOS

Most Active on social – 100 TLOS

  • Prechyrukky: 33 Tlos
  • Chinyerevivian: 33 Tlos
  • Zizymena: 33 Tlos

Thanks to every member of the Telos4africa community supporting this initiative. Let’s do this again soon.

What’s next on this Week Roster?

  • The weekly open contest begins again on Monday 15th Jan , 2020
  • Our Telos Second Meetup in Ghana (Coming Soon)

Invite your friends to join the Telos4africa community (Everyone has something to offer)
Don’t forget to invite your friends to the T4A community.

Come lets build a black community of African Telos

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