Telos4africa Weekly Update #2

Telos Blockchain And The Telos Africa Meetup

The Telos Blockchain meetup

As discussed in our previous Telos4Africa blog post weekly updates, one of the core features of the Blockchain technology is ‘Transparency‘. In fact, it’s enough reason for the word “Blockchain” to be on everyone’s lips.  Also, Decentralization and Speed are other great features of the Blockchain technology that ought to be a technical catalyst for its adoption.  

Blockchain technology is known to be the new internet and this is another reason why its adoption process is rapidly growing. Even at that, there is still a wide range of people who are yet to be familiarized themselves about the Blockchain tech.

In the real world, every business owner and their clients sometimes need receipts or are always interested to know the details and fairness of a transaction between the two other parties . This is sometimes not possible in the real world, but very possible with the Blockchain technology because of it’s Transparency. 

All of the explained features above are good reasons why every real-life project should be deployed on the Blockchain. But the big question is;

How will everyone learn about Blockchain technology? Because the Blockchain itself won’t teach the people about its functionalities. This is why Telos4Africa is organizing a meetup on the 14th of December where all of the features of the Blockchain technology will be explained in detail to all the attendees. All thanks to the Telos Network for giving the Telos4Africa the opportunity to achieve this dream.



This week in Telos4Africa activities, A contest to promote the upcoming event was held from Monday till Friday and below is a list of the winners. Congratulations to every one of you.

Top  2 Articles – 200 TLOS 

Top 3 graphics – 150 TLOS 

Most Active on social handles  – 100 TLOS

  • Prechyrukky –  (Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram; most meaningful interaction) – 70 TLOS 

Thanks to every member of the Telos4africa community supporting this initiative. Let’s do this next week. 

What’s next on this Week Roster?

  • The weekly open contest begins again on Monday 9th Dec, 2019
  • Our Meetup is Dec 14th, Spread the word. 
  • Invite your friends to join the Telos4africa community 

See you all next week and don’t forget to invite your friends to the T4A community.

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