Telos4africa Weekly Update #20

Telos4africa Weekly Update

Telos4Africa Community

The Telos4Africa community is a gentle force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian blockchain community. There is never a dull moment as members are consistently and productively engaged in educative and enlightening programs on a weekly basis. We reward our members for their participation and we support and encourage their creativity goals. Our people are as active as ever or even more so despite the rage of the coronavirus pandemic. One of our most golden moments can be seen in the music video very recently released by Destiny Marshall, the Telos4Africa team lead titled “Telos to the world”. Do check out the amazing track on YouTube; To become an integral part of our journey of our community development, please check out our activity schedules below and join us;

Daily/Weekly Activity Schedule

  • Monday – Jokes and memes (WhatsApp/ telegram) 
  • Tuesday – Let’s talk music and movies (WhatsApp) 
  • Wednesday – Webinar (Zoom) 
  • Thursday – Sports/ Promote your business (WhatsApp) 
  • Friday – Telos4africa night (Everything telos and more, Whatsapp) 
  • Sunday- Share your ideas (Whatsapp) 
  • Weekly Contest/Challenge – Begins on Sunday & submission closes by 6pm on Fridays

The Weekly Contests

For the week that ran from 25th to 31st May 2020, we engaged the community in daily activities, we announced and reminded members about different upcoming events and we provided enlightenment whenever it was requested. The weekly challenge was also rather creative, inspirational & fun-filled. Members were tasked with explaining the Telos blockchain and Telos4africa to newbies via short videos of not less than 60 seconds each. These entries were posted on Twitter with #Telos4Africa & #Telos hashtags. The first, second and third positions were rewarded with 200, 150 & 100 TLOS tokens respectively and all other entries were awarded 50 TLOS each. We had some pretty impressive entries, please check them out below; – 1st position. – 2nd position – 3rd position

What’s on next week’s roster?

Our weekly contests will kick off once again as usual. We urge you all to stay safe, wash your hands frequently with soap and water & use your mask if you must go out. Invite your friends to join the T4A community via any of our social channels below;

Written By:Mosun

Graphics By: Jacobite

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A community building project to educate African youths about the possibilities of blockchain technology powered by the Telos network.

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