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The Telos4Africa community continues to be active with the daily variety of activities on our Whatsapp and Telegram handles. Our daily and weekly schedules remain the same as communicated last week. Don’t forget to join us sometime and you just might be pleasantly surprised with an unexpected freebie or reward for your participation;

Daily Activities

  • Monday – Jokes and memes (WhatsApp/ telegram) 
  • Tuesday – Let’s talk about music and movies (WhatsApp) 
  • Wednesday – Talk about blockchain (Telegram) 
  • Thursday – Sports/ Promote your business (WhatsApp) 
  • Friday – Telos4africa night (Everything telos and more, Whatsapp) 
  • Sunday- Share your ideas (Whatsapp) 

Weekly Activities

  • Weekly Contest/Challenge – Begins on Tuesdays & submission closes by 12 noon on Fridays
  • Discord Hangout: Holds every third Wednesday of the month, 7:30 pm GMT+1 (any change in the plan will be communicated beforehand)
  • Bi-weekly Trivia: Starts in February & holds on Mondays.


This week’s contest was another opportunity for T4A members to showcase their literary and poetic talents. The task was to write a Quintet starting with the letters T E L O S.

A Quintain, sometimes called a Quintet, is a poem or stanza with five lines following any meter or line length for example;

Telos Africa

Everyone is at home

Love lives here

Open to one and all

Spread the news abroad

The winner hasn’t been chosen yet but that would be done very soon. All participants would definitely win something but the best poem would smile wider than the rest. 


The Telos4Africa team was duly represented at the Blockchain meetup at Uniben on the 1st of February 2020 by the project Team Lead, Destiny Marshall. He spoke to the attendees about the diverse and lucrative opportunities available on Telos. He gave out an open invitation to all developers present, to come onboard the Telos blockchain to build and innovate.

Like we shared last week, the EOSIO Invasion conference will be held on the 15th of February. Telos4Africa will be there to represent the Telos global team as is our custom. We would also be supporting the event with lots of fabulous giveaways. If you can clear your schedule, please join us there and be sure to have a working Telos account to be able to benefit from the giveaways. The conference schedule and details are below;

Date: 15th February 2020

Venue: J. F. Ajayi Auditorium, Unilag, Lagos

Time: 11 am

What’s on this week’s roster?

The weekly open contest begins again on Monday 3rd February 2020. Join us once again next week and don’t forget to invite your friends to the Telos4Africa community.


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A community building project to educate African youths about the possibilities of blockchain technology powered by the Telos network.

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