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Happy Valentine’s day in arrears.The Telos4Africa community has stayed true to its mandate of community growth and unifying fun activities for her people through a variety of engaging games, questions and contests on our Whatsapp and Telegram handles. Join us daily and you could be among the lucky winners of our sweet giveaways. Our daily and weekly routines remain the same. Do check them out below; 


Daily Activities

* Monday – Jokes and memes (WhatsApp/ telegram) 

* Tuesday – Let’s talk music and movies (WhatsApp) 

* Wednesday – Talk about blockchain (Telegram) 

* Thursday – Sports/ Promote your business (WhatsApp) 

* Friday – Telos4africa night (Everything telos and more, Whatsapp) 

* Sunday- Share your ideas (Whatsapp) 


Weekly Activities

* Weekly Contest/Challenge – Begins on Tuesdays & submission closes by 12 noon on Fridays

* Discord Hangout: Holds every third Wednesday of the month, 7:30pm GMT+1 (any change in the plan will be communicated beforehand)

* Bi-weekly Trivia: Holds on Mondays (flexi-time).


Last week, we digressed a bit from our daily activity schedule but all in all, it was an engaging and interesting week. On Wednesday, 12th February, we hosted Stephen Sunday, the Lead Ambassador for Æternity Nigeria, on our Telegram channel at 8pm. It was proposed to be a thirty minutes session but we ended up spending about one and a half hours. Stephen educated the community about the scalability of the blockchain and answered all questions raised in very concise and clarificative ways.



Last week’s contest was channeled towards the Valentine’s day celebration. All participants won 83 Tlos each and all they had to do basically, was tell us how they had celebrated and made someone feel special on any previous Valentine’s day. Below are their entries;

  1. Nish Connect
  2.  Zizymena Davies
  3. Mamuda


All rewards have been paid up.



The Telos4Africa team was duly represented at the EOSIO Invasion on Friday 15th February 2020 by Destiny Marshall (Project Team Lead) & Dee-y (Project Media Manager). Marshall made a short presentation to the gathering about what Telos is about. He shared the T4A documentary video and as is the custom, he issued out an invite to developers to come build on the Telos blockchain. He also gave participants some lovely giveaways consisting of Telos hoodies, Telos T-Shirts and Tlos coins.


What’s on this week’s roster?

This week is starting off with a bang with the biweekly session of “Trivia” by 7.30pm on Telegram today, don’t miss it. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join the Telos4africa community. Cheers!

Written By: Mosun | Graphics By: DEE-Y

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A community building project to educate African youths about the possibilities of blockchain technology powered by the Telos network.

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