TelosDAC sees 26% increase in Price – a Record ATH in Recent Times

TelosDAC sees 26% increase in Price – a Record  ATH in Recent Times. 

TelosDAC, a renowned block producer in the Telos Network has seen an All Time High of $0.00196 since after the last bull run. 

Around the 1st of March 2020, the coin broke resistance to reach $0.00350 and could only sustain that support for about 72hours before dropping by over 50% and has since then failed to reach that level.

But just recently, as seen on NewDex, TelosDAC is bullish on a 4-hour chart indicating a possible break of resistance towards the 0.00300 price range.

About the Block Producers

“Our goal is to ensure that the community has a supplementary stake in the network by means of an ownership in a block producer. We will achieve this by way of a DAC token issue.” 

TelosDAC Ecosystem Drive

Extend Knowledge

TELOSDAC seeks to extend blockchain knowledge, technical know-how and reach of the Telos Blockchain Network through knowledge transfer, training, education, capacity building and the development of enterprise ready dApps.

Developing World

The block producers also research on the viability of developing a network of block producer nodes located in hard to reach areas of the world, and explore the possibility of making available IT infrastructure services in these regions. This creates resilience for the system whilst creating local employment as well as promoting diversity within the TELOS community.

dApps and Tools

TELOSDAC strives to develop community and enterprise dApps on the TELOS blockchain. The community dApps focuses on solutions for the developing world targeting the creation of employment and income generation whilst furthering technical awareness in technology with a focus on blockchain.

Extend the Network

The enterprise dApps are positioned to extend the reach of the network into B2B applications and services. This is predicted to provide the Telos blockchain with a larger user base and also influence it’s adoption.


The block producers are jointly owned by the community and launch-team through an airdrop which went to the Telos community through the use of the Telos “Original” Snapshot. 

The overall number of tokens issued depends on the final tally of TELOS issued at blockchain launch

TelosDAC Infrastructure

TelosDAC deploy enterprise grade infrastructure, utilising two main sites for our launch deployment with the primary nodes located in Amsterdam- The Netherlands. 

It is exciting to see that Telos block producers are building sustainable products that are valuable in the Decentralised market. Why not build on  the Telos Blockchain! Join the community today.

Written By: Ben

Edited By: Mosun

Graphics By: Jacobite

About the author

A community building project to educate African youths about the possibilities of blockchain technology powered by the Telos network.

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