The Telos Africa Blockchain Meetup

The Telos Africa Blockchain

Telos4Africa initiative is a project that was built on the Telos blockchain which seeks to support and encourage Africans by giving them the platform to be creative and productive. This, the team believes, would bring about a robust economy in Africa and as such encourage innovation and growth in the continent.

The project is involved in different initiatives which range from support for creative ideas and content creation to graphic designs, social media campaigns, music, short films, dApp development and much more. Those who are involved in these initiatives are not only to enjoy the creative process and mentorship but will also be rewarded with the Tlos coin as a part of the support that the Telos chain is bringing to the table.

To give the project a more grounded involvement in community and human resource development which is the main objective of the initiative, Telos4africa is looking to partner with other projects who share similar interests to organize blockchain meetups, hackathons, seminars and entertainment events among others.


Back in the day, the world fed off Africa as our resources both human and otherwise were carried across the vast seas to other ports and other cultures. In such a manner was civilization built and maintained even as Africa struggled along, like a poor relative that could only be seen not heard. In recent times it has become imperative that the narrative changes and Africa takes her rightful place on the world stage not just as a culture and technology consumer but as a leader in innovations that propel the world towards a more prosperous, egalitarian and free space. It is this need to push the continent from its posture of a consumer to that of creator, innovator and manufacturer that propels most African to seek solutions in the blockchain space.

Telos4Africa is one of such seekers. In a bid to bring the much needed knowledge to ensure that the African continent is in the position to fully grasp and utilize all the opportunities that the blockchain industry offers, specifically the Telos chain, the Telos4africa team has scheduled a meet-up. We will gather together to rub minds as a people who share the dream of a prosperous and innovative Africa. We will also enlighten newbies about what the blockchain is and how the Telos blockchain project would be instrumental in aiding the blockchain revolution in Africa.

Telos4Africa is excited to present the first ever Telos blockchain meetup in Africa. Holding in Lagos Nigeria, one of the most populated cities in African, this one day event will be an opportunity for stakeholders, blockchain enthusiasts and members of the business community to meet, interact and come to a better understanding of what the Telos project is about. We’ll also discuss what Telos intends to offer in terms of changing our narrative.


  • The Telos4Africa project would be introduced and its goals and aims will be clearly stated. This is to ensure that the project captures the attention of those who seek the same goals and bring them onboard.
  • What will the Telos chain do to ensure ease of adoption into mainstream; the processes, projects, projections, concerns and earmarks? Adoption is one of the biggest concerns of every blockchain project and this would be dissected and simplified.
  • There would be a panel session especially to provide an opportunity for the newbies in the audience to interact and to understand what it means to be successful in the blockchain space considering the FUDs, FOMOs, lack of regulations, as well as the wild highs and lows of the crypto market among other things.
  • The charity team will share the Telos4Africa vision as regards giving to the less privileged as well as what they aim to achieve with their philanthropy. They will also seek for volunteers to join in and contribute their time, skills and or resources to the charity project

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Event MC: Tony Obiajuru (OAP and Lead Partner, Tony Talks Communication).

Media Coverage: Business Day


12:00pm — 12:05pm

Opening remarks:

Mosun Omotunde (Telos4Africa Charity Team Lead) & Austin Jacobite (Telos4Africa Brand Manager)

12:05pm — 12:25pm

Keynote address:

Douglas Horn (Telos Launch Team)

12:25pm — 12:55pm

About the Telos4Africa project:

Destiny Marshall (Team lead, Telos4Africa Initiative)

12:55pm -1:15pm

Variety, fun, quiz & games with prizes:

Tony Obiajuru (Event Mc)

Be There ……………

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