The Telos4africa charity event Dec 21st

Just after the Telos4Africa initiative was activated, we created a detailed document stating our missions on how we’ll be on boarding Africans to the Telos Blockchain through different activities such as Meetups, Music, and other scheduled programs. You can read more about the vision document here

The Meetup was the first said activity on our road map followed by the Charity event. After the successful outcomes of our meetup in which the full reports could be found here

Meetup is the gathering of people hosted by an individual or a set of experienced individuals that aims at educating the attendees on a particular topic. In our case, we planned to educate everyone that attends the Meetup with  what the Blockchain is, what is Telos, why Telos, and how they can all leverage the Blockchain with their individual skills.

Since the Telos4Africa team members are experienced in creating activities to connect Humans of different skills together, we are aimed to introduce Africans in this case to the Telos Blockchain. Our vision document states that our first Meetup should be held on the 14th of December 2019 in Lagos, and then, followed by the donation program(Charity) on the 21st of December 2019. 

The said date for the Meetup came and passed and the Telos4Africa team members and the community in general, are extremely grateful for how the Meetup missions to on-board Africans turned out to be a success. Click here to read more about the meetup.

Telos4Africa Charity

As stated at the starting of this article,  the Charity program is the next program just after the Meetup, and we the Telos4Africa team members are already prepared to carry out the very first Charity plan. This is very important to us because we know the importance of generosity to the people. 

On our vision document, we stated that “There’s love in sharing, and that there is also love in TLOS”. This is why we want to carry out activities that will strengthen and add value to people off-chain as a team and empower them through the powers of the Telos Blockchain . 

We added the Charity program to our schedules and we’ve said to be visiting Motherless Babies Homes thrice annually. But because Telos4Africa was activated in the last quarter of this year, it will be held just once in the year 2019.

As planned previously, our very first charity donation event was to visit an Orphanage Home in Bodija, which is located in the city of Ibadan Nigeria, on the 21st of December 2019. But the said location has now been changed to Covenant Children’s Home which is a different Charity home in the same city.
We are extremely happy with the few things we’ve achieved and looking forward to see the bigger things we can accomplish. You love what we are doing and wish to partner with us? Please feel free to get in touch with us, Thank you.

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