"Be active and creative to earn TLOS"

The Weekly Activity Rewards

Every week,

we will be rewarding the best content creators with at least 20 USD worth of TLOS.

The most active members across our Social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, telegram, also gets a tip of 5 USD worth of TLOS. That’s about $25 to $50 weekly giveaways and these are the modalities;

Telos4africa Weekly Update #13

All Telos4Africa community members have been obedient to all the lockdown rules, staying indoors while maintaining a very active social life via our social media platforms.

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Telos4africa Weekly Update #11

The Telos4Africa team and her people continue to trend with loads of activities, current gist, fun games, and educational information dissemination. Our Whatsapp, Telegram & Twitter handles are always active, courtesy of our amazing and indefatigable Community Manager, Bookoon.

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Telos4africa Weekly Update #10

The Telos4Africa community remains dynamic with heaps of exciting exercises, thrilling chats, network building games and educative info-share. Our social media handles are continuously humming with life and vitality and all lovers of Telos are free to jump on the ride with us. If you don’t mind, please see below our daily activity schedules and note the days and exercises that fit in best with your areas of interest;

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