The Weekly Contest – 7

Hello Family! How you are staying safe? This too shall pass.

How about some art contest? Calm down, don’t panic, it’s going to be fun.

How to participate;

  • Draw, Sketch, Doodle, or Paint, (whatever medium works for you some) Telos fan art. That is, whatever you are submitting must speak Telos.
  • Post your entries on any social channel (Steemit, Hive, Reddit, Medium, Twitter, YouTube, etc).
  • Use #Telos4Africa #Telos as part of your tags
  • Submit entries & Telos username in
  • Ends by 6pm on Friday.


50 Telos per entry

Extra 100, 75 and 50 for top 3 respectively.

About the author

A community building project to educate African youths about the possibilities of blockchain technology powered by the Telos network.

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