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Telos4africa Weekly Update #21


Hello all! It’s been a few weeks of quiet here and it feels great to be back up and running. As you are all aware, we began to slow down towards the end of May and as the full effect of the coronavirus began to take hold in Nigeria early in June, almost all of our activities stopped all together. This was as a result of many factors including the reality changes that covid19 brought, lack of funding, and several other issues we’ll rather not bother you with. All of that notwithstanding, we are back on track and it’s definitely going to be better and more inspiring from hence. As we begin afresh, it is pertinent to inform you that Telos4Africa’s core management team remains the same and our goals and initiatives also remain constant. However, we would be introducing a few new approaches to expand and enliven our previous mode of operations, all of which will be unveiled one step at a time. 


It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce our brand new tokenization initiative. We have built a marketplace for the community which will be powered solely by our newly created token named Africoin. A wide range of Telos4Africa swag products will be available for our purchasing pleasure in the store. It is rather thrilling to also announce that the marketplace will be open to all community members to buy and market/sell a variety of their own personal products and of course, the currency of exchange will be Africoin. Exciting news right? Oh yeah! This is definitely the perfect time to encourage your friends to join us. There are lots of amazing tasks and stuff in store for us as all and we are looking forward to your enthusiastic participation in our activities. 


Remember that there is a place for everyone here regardless of your specific skill set, interest or profession; lukewarmness is prohibited in this community of vibrant and high spirited creatives. Our weekly schedules and line up will be shared shortly. Patch Adams said and I quote We can never get a re-creation of community and heal our society without giving our people a sense of belonging.” Invite your friends to become part of the Telos4Africa community and together we’ll create a new reality that will favor us all. 


Watch this space! 

Written By:Mosun

Graphics By: Jacobite

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A community building project to educate African youths about the possibilities of blockchain technology powered by the Telos network.

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